What is the connection between philosophy and linguistics?

Is human behaviour more mediated by genetic or environmental effects?

Montreal construction and nowhere-to-study: correlation or causality?

Cognitive Café

Come discuss the perennial questions of Cognitive Science and 21st century McGill student life at the SACS weekly Cognitive Café! Every Tuesday from 9 am to 1 pm, grab a FREE coffee and delightfully unhealthy snacks as the McGill Cognitive Science community patiently awaits the resurrection of Gerts. You will have the chance to study, fraternize with your cohort, get help with courses, colour a giant depiction of what we believe to be Bertrand Russell’s brain, help us answer our weekly discussion question... Or you can just relax and keep your SACS committee company!

Miscellaneous & Nerdy

Top-down, bottom-up, Bayes' Theorem...

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