About Us

SACS is the Student Association of Cognitive Science at McGill University. Our goal is to provide prospective and current Cognitive Science students with information related to the program. Given the interdisciplinary nature of Cognitive Science, Cog Sci students may feel overwhelmed with how much the program has to offer. SACS aims to provide a bridge for students who wish to meet other Cog Scis within all five streams, promoting enriching relationships between students, no matter what aspects of Cognitive Science interest them.

Over the course of the year, we hold Speaker Series, Cog Café, Wine and Cheeses, and many more! Through these events and other initiatives, Cog Scis get the opportunity to meet students, mentors and professors in their program. This network building fosters long term friendships, guides students through their degree academically, supports students in finding research positions and ultimately helps Cog Scis start their careers post-grad.

What is Cognitive Science?

Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary study of the mind integrating five key domains – psychology, neuroscience, computer science, linguistics and philosophy.

  • Neuroscience allows us to study the biological basis of the brain.
  • Psychology exposes us to the mental processes behind observable behaviour.
  • Linguistics permits us to understand the scientific structure of language.
  • Philosophy gives us a logical lens through which we can study consciousness and ethical dilemmas.
  • Computer science helps us draw parallels between information processing models and the study of the brain.

These five disciplines provide students with the tools to make connections across diverse fields and approach problem solving from a holistic perspective, while drawing from both the arts and the sciences. Visit the official page of the Cognitive Science program at McGill or check with your advisor for more details.